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What We Do

R Wave Solutions is a leader in:

  • Custom application design
  • System monitoring
  • Custom websites
    • Oracle and MySQL databases
    • PHP
    • Perl
    • Java
    • PL/SQL
  • Integration in and out of Oracle
  • Performance tuning of applications running on the Oracle Database
  • Migration to Linux
We help concerned IT workforce get a handle of their IT systems. A typical customer for is one that does not know if their current systems can handle next week system load, worried that the current systems may not have the capacity needed for month-end processing. Concerned, that revenue will not be booked because of system load at the end of the quarter. Frustrated that they spend time generate reports and are not spending time solving the problems of the system.

Upset every time they are being paged again for problems that they already know about.

Whom do you know that we should be talking with?


How we help
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